When we talk about the work everyone started to explain about their dream jobs. Who take on outsourced projects from companies or individuals? Making the transition from being employed to self-employed, however, is not easy.
To be an effective freelancer, you should observe professionalism, practice discipline and study your lifestyle. How will you maintain professionalism amid freedom and flexibility? It’s all about the right practices. Here are some tips you will find handy:

Build a network

In freelancing, building a network is as important as improving your skills. So before leaving your full-time job, allot ample time connecting with new contacts and strengthening existing ones.
Make a great resume and portfolio to be sent out to potential clients. Then ask for referrals from your freelancer friends. By doing this, you will already be in the loop and have better chances of getting projects.


Create Relationships and Affiliations

While there are many websites where you can find work, the best way to find work is the same as with any other form of employment: through networks, connections, and relationships with other architects, construction companies and builders. Keep in touch with former co-workers and colleagues, join professional associations, and consider teaming up with other professionals on new projects.


Manage time

Once a freelancer, you might have clients from another side of the globe as well as a handful who are in the same time zone as you are.
Managing time is thus one of the key aspects in making freelancing work for you. Tediously allot eight hours a day to work and balance these with your family and social life.


Look the part

Make sure you project competence and feel like a professional not only when meeting your clients but also when doing actual work at home through the way you dress.
Washing up and dressing up will definitely get you in the mood for work.


Treasure clients

Working with clients is the bread and butter of a freelancer, so maintaining healthy relationships with them is crucial. Once you gain their trust, they will entrust you with important projects and steady offers.
Being pleasant, making deadlines, updating them on progress and managing their expectations will one day put you in the position to choose the work you desire and not just all the available work out there.


Hope this article help you to find you freelancing carrier direction.
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