If you are reading this article, there are chances that you may have posted a microjob(mjob) at LyfSkill. Being successful at LyfSkill needs commitment from sellers as well as support from LyfSkill platform. LyfSkill is committed to support the sellers in their endeavour and tries its best to advertise and make buyers aware of the Sellers mjobs and services offerings.

The success of Sellers is very important for LyfSkill as it forms the base foundation of LyfSkill as a platform as well its services offerings to clients. Below are some of the steps that the sellers can take to be successful at LyfSkill.

1.) Provide a detailed description of your mJob

It is very important to provide a detailed and valid description of your mjob.

When a buyer scans your mJob, there are 2 important considerations that the buyer looks for:

1.1) Portfolio Images –

  • You must provide valid and attractive images related to your job profile.
  • Provide a portfolio image of work done earlier if they are permissible to put. Do not put any copyright images of someone else. However put your own work done and build your portfolio of images.

1.2) Long and Valid Description –

You mjob description must contain the following:

  • Enter full Description of your service. It is recommended to put as much description of service provided as possible, the more the service is described, the more are the chances of buyer requesting an order.
  • Provide link of Sample work done on dropbox or google-drive. The more sample portfolio work you have available, buyers can refer to that as your skill strength.
  • Include a Video – Include a Youtube video of your sample work. or even a 30 second introduction of yourself and what you do. A video will provide buyer more confidence on your work. Once you put youtube link in the description, it automatically embeds as a window video.

PS: Note that if the description is not sufficient, your mJob may not get approved by LyfSkill Admin.


2.) Share your microjob on Social Media

A Seller must share their microjob on Social media platforms. As a seller, the more you share, the more buyers will be aware of your service offerings. Below are the Social Media platforms that a seller should post their microjobs:



Below is the easy way to Share your mjob in Social media

2.1) Social sharing buttons are available in your microjob webpage. You can click on the social sharing button to share from your LyfSkill page itself.

Social sharing microjob LyfSkill


2.2.) You may also copy your LyfSkill microjob url and post on the Social Media platforms.

lyfskill share URL


3.) Blog about your microjob on Quora

You can blog about your microjob and services on other Webpages and Blogs. Include your LyfSkill URL link so that traffic can flow from the other website to your microjob directly. An easy and effective way to blog is on Quora. It’s not hard to find relevant content on Quora where you can submit your LyfSkill link.

4.) Blog about your microjob on other prominent websites

You should also blog on other websites you find relevant and let the world know about your mjob. There are many websites which allow you to write blogs or comments. You should only write comments in articles where applicable. you may also request website owners to publish your articles and refer your mjob link in those articles. The more you advertise, the more are your chances to succeed.



More reasons to promote your mjob and make a sale

And finally, below are two more reasons why you should promote your LyfSkill mjob. LyfSkill not only offers a stable platform, but also provides incentives to sellers who take effort to sell their mjobs on LyfSkill.

1.) 50% Extra – Earn more than your advertised mjob price

LyfSkill is offering 50% extra to the Sellers who are selling on LyfSkill. For e.g. if your mjob is priced at $10 and you make a sale, LySkill will pay you $5 extra for your sale. So not only you earn $10 for your mjob, you earn an extra $5 on top of it. CA* 

LyfSkill will give 150% your gig price

2.) Featured mjob – Make you mjob featured so it stays on the First page

LyfSkill will make your mjob as featured job when you make a sale. A featured job is shown on the First page of your job category. So not only you get 50% extra on your mjob, your mjob also makes to the first page of your category. So if you make one sale, you have more chances to make another sale. CA**



CA*: The “50% Extra” offer available to 1 claim per seller in 1 calendar month. Offer valid till 31st December 2017 currently. Upto 1 claim can be availed each month till offer ends. The 50% Extra offer is capped to total $10 USD per month per seller. Claim can be done by writing to LyfSkill using contact-us. LyfSkill will credit the 50% Extra amount to Seller’s account upon verification. Offer valid upto first 20 claims per calender month. This page will be updated to inform Sellers if the offer for that month is exhausted and not available any more.

CA**: The “Featured mjob” offer available to 2 claims per seller in 1 calendar month. Claim can be done by writing to LyfSkill using contact-us. Offer valid till 31st December 2017.