I have diverse experience of 5 years in photo editing & retouching.
My Services:
Creative photo editing and photo manipulation
Professional Portrait, Fashion, Landscape, Product, Real Estate editing & retouching
Face Retouch: Add skin texture, skin smoothing, remove wrinkles, makeup enhancements, eye shadow, eye lashes, lip color enhancement, hair color change
Body Retouch: slimming, weight reduction, skin smoothing, add skin texture, clothing creases & wrinkle fixing, add/remove tattoo, cloth color change
Photoshop Actions: Add / Remove background, sky change, remove objects/person, noise reduction
Creative Effect: B&W, Vintage, Sepia, HDR, Lens Flare etc.
Product Enhancement: Clipping path, manipulation, color correction
Real Estate Retouch: object removal, perspective correction, lens correction, photo stitching
Other Basic Retouch: Cropping & Re-sizing, Brightness, Contrast & Exposure adjustment etc.

Reason to hire me:
100% Satisfaction
Money Back guarantee
For any type of specific & unique editing, please contact me.