I am a Linux Expert. More than 6 years experience is Linux administration. I am also expert in Bash scripting.

–>>> I will fix you Linux issues.

–>> I will install, configure and troubleshoot various linux software.

–>>> Able to configure IPtables, Cronjob.

–>>> I am also expert in PHP, Mysql, Bash Scripting

–>>> Can create bash script for automation

–>>> Centreon, Nagios, Cacti, VPN, SNMP, Squid Proxy, DNS, iDNS, FTP, Vestacp, mail, Roundcube, iredmail, Postfix, ,syslog, Elastix, FreePBX, MySql server with Replication, AWstats, Cpanel, Vestacp, apache, apchetomcat, etc.on linux machine

–>>> I can also configure CISCO, ZTE & Huawei switches

–>>> I am also expert in maintaining LTE nodes like USN, UGW, HSS etc

–>>> Can trace user from USN, UGW

–>>> Many more things I can do.


P.S. Contact me before you place an order.