I will make videos or photos of any kind of  viral videos at your whim! You just have to write me a message and together you can reach an agreement about what you would like the final product to be like. Time, clothes and scenery are things that we have to discuss and the script too, if you need it!

I can work with slime, foots, ticklish, shoes, ballons, publicity, jokes, stand up, cream pie and many more things! Contact me and we will have lots of fun creating crazy and fun content! With a very good quality of image!

Also can you give your best ideas for pictures for publicity your page, blog or channel in youtube, it’s so easy work with someone like me, very proactive and creative, I hope you give me the same treatment that I will give you!
Have a wonderful day! OXOX win b

Please contact me first before ordering to ensure timely delivery.