Hi!  Thanks for reading the Description of the job.

I am looking to hire a freelancer to help me publish the Minecraft Server Website: http://resoluciones.bigcityhost.ml into different internet Minecraft fan communities in Social Media portals in order to get new players to the server.

Our Minecraft Server Website is new and we are looking to expand our Minecraft players coverate to all continents.  It would be important that the players understand English language so it will be easier for them to player in the server.

In case the freelancer succesfully acomplish the job I will hire him/her regularly and pay a fix weekly or monthly to be agreed between all parties, as we don’t have problems to invest money.

Itj’s important that the freelancer was previous experience in Minecraft Server Website Promotion so it will be much more easy to acomplish the task succesfully.

Thank you!


Please message me first before ordering.