I, Hammad Hafeez, have done my M.S in Biochemistry and do a lot of research in biochemical aspects. I published my research articles nationally. I have command on Biochemistry, Chemistry and all Biological sciences. I have worked in Biochemical and Chemical lab. so I have excellent knowledge both theoretical and practical to offer for whoever needs it. I worked as a lecturer in Reputed medical college.

I will tutor , assist , proofread and   explain questions related to Chemistry, Biochemistry and any other Biological Science. This gig offers help in the areas of biology, microbiology and chemistry. I will help your lab reports and do so impressively. I promise to deliver good results.

My comprehensive hands-on experience as a Chemistry Teacher and formal training will make me an excellent addition for you.

Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience to set up a time to discuss how I can beneficial for you.

Please contact me before placing an order.