Steps on how to “Post a mjob” on LyfSkill


Step 1 – Sign In to LyfSkill

Signin or join Lyfskill


Step 2 – Sign in with Email or social logins

Signin Email



Step 3 – Confirm Email Credentials

confirm email credentials



Step 4 – Dashboard

After signing in , the first screen you see is LyfSkill user dashboard.

LyfSkill is responsive depending on the screen size.

The Post a mjob button location varies depending on the size of the user’s computer window.

On full screen it appears as below:


lyfskill post a mjob screen


“Post a mjob” button appears in 2 places in LyfSkill dashboard. you can use any of the buttons to submit your microjob.


lyfskill post a mjob


“Post a mjob” is always available in “My Jobs” section irrespective of your screen size.




On smaller computer window screens or mobile displays, the “Post a mjob” button appears as below:



lyfskill mobile posta a mjob




How to be a successful Seller at LyfSkill ?

LyfSkill offers rewards on making a sale even more than ever.

Not only LyfSkill is offering more than your gig price returns to you, it is also offering free featured listings to its sellers.

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