How to increase the email subscribers ?

Email marketing is proven to be the most effective (and undoubtedly the most profitable) channel in online marketing.

Given that the entirety of the Email world still holds the most number of users over the web (both as a personal and business medium).

Building an email list (and continuously growing it) is so crucial for any type of business nowadays. Aside from the fact that this channel has better conversion rates, it’s also a form of “owned media”.

A medium where you have full control of, in which can allow you to create a recurring revenue stream.

There are tons of available resources on the web that detail several tips on how to increase your email newsletter subscribers. Some of those lists of tips would normally include the following best practices:

Placing opt-in forms in high-traffic areas of the site or making opt-in forms very visible in every page of your site as a call-to-action.

Integrating your mailing list with other platforms (ex: shopping carts, Facebook pages, etc…).

Offering specials and other form of incentives to subscribers (such as downloadable PDFs, whitepapers, exclusive content, access to web-based tools, discounts, etc…).

Continuously driving new traffic to the site to enhance the chances of gaining more subscribers.

That can be done through building a loyal readership base (via blogging or content marketing), SEO, social media, or even through paid traffic sources (and directing them to a squeeze page that’s designed to convert visitors to email subscribers).

Although in this post, I won’t be discussing those things. As this will mostly just highlight a plugin that I recently installed on this blog. And share how it extremely improved my blog’s ability to attract email subscribers over the past month.


What is the importance of having an email list?

Many people may wonder ‘what’s the big deal’, why spend time and effort in building an email list in a period where social media is dominating online networking.

Well, for starters because it works better than social media in many ways. That does not mean that you have to decide between the two, you still need both for long term online success; it simply means that you should not neglect the power of email list.


What do I mean by ‘it works better”?

People who register to your email list are interested to find out more about you, keep receiving updates from you so they are more likely to engage with your emails by visiting your website or blog.


Does it still work?

It does, that’s for sure and this is in short why:

  • People do check their email several times per day.
  • Email subscribers are more likely to convert than other types of users. Maybe you have heard the term ‘The money is in the email list’ before?
  • Everybody has an email account but not all people use social networks
  • You can make emails personal and get better results


How to build an email list?

The best way to create an email list is to register with an email marketing service like mailchimp, aweber, constant contact or just search google for ‘email marketing’ and you will get a lot more options. Most of the companies offer free packages for beginners so you won’t have to pay anything until your email list is above 2000 subscribers (number depends on the provider).

Once you register with them the next step is to add a form to your website or blog where people can subscribe to your list.

The big advantage from using such a service instead of trying to maintain your email list manually is the ease of use and the number of tools they give you to make adding/removing and sending messages (or newsletters) to the list easy and automated.


How to grow your emailing list?

Once you created your list, the next step is to grow it i.e. get people to subscribe to the list by adding their name and email. Let’s see how you can do that without losing your time and hope.

#1 – Content and purpose – This is first in my list and probably something you heard before but very important for the success of your email list. If you don’t’ have good content or a clear purpose of what your email list does, than any other tips or tricks you try to grow an email list, they simply won’t work.

In order for someone to make the decision to give their email address and enroll to your list, they need to like what you offer (content, products, services) and they need to know in advance why they are registering (newsletter, news, offers, announcement etc).

Assuming that you already have good and interesting content, you need to also make sure that you add a couple of lines above the registration box to explain to users why they should register to your list and what they should expect from it.

#2 – Position of the registration box – Where you place the email registration box is very important. Most websites tend to add this to the sidebar (either top or bottom) but this is the least effective position.

For best results make sure that the registration box is in the main content of the page. You can have it below or on top of your page or article.

#3 – Exit Pop-up and Flyout Boxes – I know that some people don’t like pop-ups or flyout boxes but when it comes to growing an email list they are the most effective tools you can safely use.

When you try to exit (move the mouse like you are trying to open a new tab) the post you are reading now you will see a pop-up window asking you to register to my newsletter. This pop-up has more than 10% conversion rate for this website. This means that out of the 100 people that see the pop-up, 10 register to my newsletter.

I have tested this on many other websites and the results are also very good. If you don’t like this kind of pop-up you can use a flyout box (a window that pop-ups in the bottom right corner) or any other combination you want. What is important is to grab the attention of the user so that they see what you are offering in return for their email address.

#4 – Make it easy – Don’t’ ask for a lot of information since people are more willing to just type their email address instead of giving you their name or telephone number.

If you think about it, in the majority of the cases you only need their email address and you can later get other information by ‘connecting’ with them through email.

#5 – Give them real and immediate benefits – A great way to convince people to subscribe is to give them some benefit. A common practice is to give them an ebook or access to a protected area in return of their email address.

I have used this technique here and it is very effective; when you subscribe to the email list, you get free access to a fully functional fitness app.

What you should have in mind is not to trick people by giving them false information or making promises you cannot meet. Always remember that getting them to subscribe is your first goal but your ultimate goal is to make something out of your list (more traffic to your website, more sales etc). If you make false promise a lot of people will unsubscribe and mark your email as spam (and this is not good) and your overall interaction rate will be low.


Importance of blog’s Email Subscribers

A blog without readers is worthless, in other words if no one read your blog post it means your blogging career is very dark.Without the audience, you can’t do anything but if you can engage readers then your blog can earn huge money.Organic traffic is the main source of traffic but traffic, through email is also one of the greatest sources.

Whenever you publish a new article the link of your post will be emailed to your subscriber and if subscriber interested in your blog’s new post then the subscriber will visit your blog.Building email list directly increase your blog visitors and pageviews.


Here are some quick Way to improve your email subscribers

To build an email list of your blog you need to attract your visitors to subscribe your website but how this is possible?

1.Popup Box/Window: Pop-up window is a box which open in front of your blog’s content on the upper screen.Pop-up box will help to attract visitors to subscribe your blog feed.I’m using “PopupAlly” WordPress plugin but if “PopupAlly” is not working on your blog you can use others plugins or if you have a statistical blog you can create an HTML pop-up box.

2.Subscriber Client: Choose the best client which enables subscription on your blog.If you need premium service from client choose amber but this is premium you must have to pay to get more but if you want a free client use Google’s feedburner.

3.Registration For all: Enable Anyone can register option in your WordPress blog and select New User Default Role as a subscriber.Every visitors who visit your blog wants to register on your blog.After getting subscriber go to your user’s option and click on all users.You can get all information of your blogs’ subscribers.Copy all the email Ids and invite them to subscribe your blog on Feed burner or from other subscription clients.

4.Social networks: Get email Ids from the social networking website like Google + contacts, Facebook contacts, twitter contacts.You can invite peoples from their email ids.Just get email ids and send email from your subscription form.


How to Invite Peoples from their Email Ids

After creating a list of Email, ids send emails from your email address to peoples this is also known as Email Marketing.You can subscribe with their email Ids they do not subscribe blog unless they click on confirmation link or button.