Who is a Buyer ?

A buyer is the Client who purchases services from Freelancers

Who is a Seller ?

A seller is a Freelancer who sells its services on LyfSkill.

What is a Seller mJob ?

mJob or MicroJob is the service that seller provides on LyfSkill.

What is a Buyer work request ?

A Work Request is the task that a buyer wants to get done by Freelancers. A Work Request is posted by a Buyer and Sellers can apply to those work requests. A buyer can then contact each seller using customised requests to Sellers.

How much is LyfSkill Fees and Commissions ?

LyfSkill does not charge any fees or commissions to either Buyer or Seller. The only charges which are deducted from a Freelancer’s payment are the ones charged by 3rd party to LyfSkill like Paypal or Payoneer. These charges vary between 2% to 4% of a payment.

Is there a minimum amount that a Freelancer can withdraw ?

LyfSkill requires a minimum payment of USD $50 in a Seller’s account. A Seller can only withdraw once they have $50 or more in their LyfSkill wallet.

How many Clients does LyfSkill has ?

LyfSkill has its own clients and is growing fast. The Clients are dependent on excellent Freelancer performance and with great performance, there are higher chances of getting your work recognized and repeat orders.

Can I get my own Clients ?

LyfSkill does not charge any fees or commissions and hence is a viable platform for both Buyers and Sellers. If a freelancer has existing clients, they are encouraged to bring their clients to LyfSkill as it is a win-win situation for both Buyers and Sellers.

I posted an mjob but did not get a buyer ?

Your mjob needs to be impeccable to get jobs from Clinets. A Freelancer needs to provide sufficient proof of work so as to get clients. You can provide proof of work using your tasks with:

  • Images – post upto 10 images on LyfSkill mjob.
  • Youtube videos – Your videos get embedded in your webpage and are great ways to demonstrate your skill.
  • Crisp text – Highlight your achievements in text so that they stand out skill amoung others. Most of the Clients are not looking for a cheaper job, but they are looking for skilled professionals.

How do I verify an mjob ?

Once your mjob is completed and a client posts its review, you can request LyfSkill to get your job verified. A verified job will stand out for good reasons and will bear more chances of followup orders.

How can I promote my mJob ?

You are responsible for promoting your mjob. The below Social media have proven to be most effective for promotion of your mjob:

  • Facebook – post your mjob links in appropriate Facebook groups.
  • Quora – Respond to related questions from other users and post your LyfSkill mjob link where appropriate.

How can I apply to a Buyer work request ?

Once a Buyer puts a work request(recruit), a freelancer can apply to that work request using their mjob. The Buyer can then contact the Seller with the most appropriate mjob to that Work request as a custom order.

How can I contact LyfSkill ?

LyfSkill support is available at the Contact-us page. We respond to every reasonable and legitimate query by Buyers or Sellers.

I wish to be a part of LyfSkill team. How can I do it ?

LyfSkill is started by a team of freelancers who look forward to provide an unparalleled service to the freelancer community. This is one of the reasons we do not charge Fees or Commissions. We are growing and if you wish to be a part of LyfSkill team, please contact us indicating your skill and how you can help. LyfSkill has a team of professionals who maintain LyfSkill and help its development. LyfSkill is a community and being associated with LyfSkill will bring great satisfaction and long term rewards. If suitable, you can be an integral part of LyfSkill and will grow your career and professional success along with LyfSkill. You can be a part of team LyfSkill too. You can use the Contact-us page to work with us.