What is Affiliate ?

When you refer a user to LyfSkill, they can be either a buyer or seller or both. Whenever that user does any transaction, the affiliate gets a 10% commission on every transaction.

lyfskill affiliate commission

Who is Affiliate ?

Any member of LyfSkill can be an affiliate.

Does is cost anything to be Affiliate ?

No it does not cost anything to be an affiliate.

What is the benefit of Affiliate ?

The affiliate gets commission on every transaction that is done by its referrers.

Lets say user1 refers user2 to LyfSkill. Then user1 becomes an affiliate.

Whenever user2 buys a service from another user, user1 gets paid 10% of the amount. For e.g. when user2 buys a service of $100 from any seller, user1 gets $10 credited into their account.

Whenever user2 sells a service to another user, user1 gets paid 10% of the amount. For e.g. when user2 sells a service of $100 to any buyer, user1 gets $10 credited into their account.


Lyfskill Affiliate workflow

What is my Affiliate-id ?

You do not need to register separately as an affiliate. When you create your account on LyfSkill, your userid becomes your affiliate ID.

How a new user refer Affiliate ?

When you refer someone to LyfSkill, ask them to register yourself as affiliate. You will need to provide your userid to your referee.

Register affiliate at https://lyfskill.com/affiliate-register

Affiliate registration

Is there a limit on the number of referrers ?

There is no limit on the number of referrers you can make. The more you make referrers, the more you will earn. You can get 10% of each transaction done everytime.

How long does the affiliate commission work ?

The affiliate commission works as long as your referred user continues to do transaction on LyfSkill. There is no expiry date to your referred commissions.

What happens of both the buyers and sellers are my referee ?

If both buyers and sellers are your referee, you get 10% of the transaction amount.

What is the percentage share of a buyer and seller and affiliate ?

E.g. If a buyer pays $100, the seller gets $90, and the affiliate gets $10.

Lets say you make 10 buyers and they do transactions for $100 each with multiple sellers . That makes a total transaction of $1000 . So each seller gets $90 of their own. And since you are the affiliate for the 10 buyers, you get $100. If you are one of the sellers, you get your share of $90 as well on top.

Can an affiliate also be a buyer or seller ?

Yes, an affiliate can also be a buyer or a seller. There are no limits on any number of referrals. The more your refer and the more transactions are done, the more you receive.