LyfSkill corporate office is located in Melbourne VIC Australia 3000.

Lyfskill Melbourne

LyfSkill is started by a team of freelancers who look forward to provide an unparalleled service to the freelancer community. We have a very passionate community who are very keen to bring a disruptive change in the ways Freelancing works. LyfSkill is based on 4 founding principles : Integrity, Honesty, Transparency and Professionalism. We work continually to improve our platform, provide value to both Freelancers and Clients and work collaboratively.

We do not charge Fees or Commissions so as to give more to the Freelancers and Clients. We are growing and need more of professionals like us. If you wish to be a part of LyfSkill team, please contact us indicating your skill and how you can help.

LyfSkill has a team of professionals who maintain LyfSkill and help its development. LyfSkill is a community and being associated with LyfSkill will bring great satisfaction and long term rewards for sure. If suitable, you can be an integral part of LyfSkill and will grow your career and professional success along with LyfSkill.

You can be a part of team LyfSkill too. You can use the Contact-us page to tell us about yourself and skills you can bring.